Monday, July 20, 2009

Navigating moodle.....

Wow, I'm travel weary already, I never guessed blogging could be so time consuming and mind boggling!!

When I began this course I felt pretty confident that I was a competent online operator but boy haven't my eyes been opened wide to what I don't know... Anyway, I now know that the journey I need to travel is long, so the sooner I get going with it the better.

I am attempting to engage with the courseware but by the time I read all the posts, and respond to those that move me, I have run out of time to check out the e-learning tools we are supposed to be analysing. Has anyone worked out an effective way to get through them all?

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I know what you mean their is so much to do and so little time especially when we have all those other things to do. Personally I have been engaging in the online activities. I have started only reading documents that really interest me, if they bore me I skim a bit :) Hope your not reading this Scott.... Anyhow remember that if you follow the activities online, post your blogs and reply to at least 5ish and then post your 1000 word reflection at the end you should have completed everything that is required.
    I am going to use my wiki as a site to put all the different e-learning tools on such as:web sites, Youtube flicks, notes, tricks, shortcuts, ideas that our lectures throw at us so at a later date I will be able to look at them in detail. Just remember when you blog to add some references that back up your statements. I hope this helps you.
    by the way your blog looks great so you must be doing something right :)
    Melody x