Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flickr for the classroom

As I don't have current access to a cohort of learners, I had my ten year old daughter complete the recommended activities regarding Flickr. She very easily was able to set up an account and decided to do a search of photos containing students dancing, as this compliments the unit of work I am currently working on. She also uploaded a few of her own photos of our dearly loved dog, using her mobile phone camera.

The comments made by my daughter included a frustration at the quality of some of the photos in the creative commons area. Many of the pics selected were grainy and the images poor. She felt it took a long time to sort through the pics to find quality. In fact she commented that there were easier ways to collect images, for example using google images. This initiated a discussion regarding copyright and creative commons licensing which although she understood the concept, I'm not entirely sure she understood the full ramifications of using copyrighted material.

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