Sunday, September 27, 2009

Online Tests/quizzes

As I have been unable to access ICT's in my prac classroom I have asked my Year 5 daughter to have a go at making an online quiz using a topic that interests her. She decided to create a quiz about Harry Potter. Creating the quiz was easy and she thoroughly enjoyed the process, however we have discovered a problem after the quiz was embedded in this blog. When clicking the link below, the quiz that opens is indeed the Harry Potter quiz developed by my daughter however it has taken on the title of a previously created quiz. In trying to rectify the problem we discovered that within the Classmarker website the quiz is appropriately saved with the correct title, however it still appears incorrectly within the blog. Both myself and a colleague have made attempts to rectify the problem with no success. It is unclear if the problem was caused during the development of the quiz or if it is a glitch in the system. In assessing the usefullness of this tool for students to develop their own quizzes I would say that it is certainly not beyond young students to develop quizzes however some assistance may be required in embedding them into websites, blogs or emails etc. You are welcome to take a look at the quiz developed by this Year 5 student.

Tiarni's online quiz

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