Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a fun and easy program to operate. I was excited to see that kindergarten students were able to create articles to share with the world.

A VoiceThread is a collaborative multimedia slide show that stores and displays images, documents and videos and allows students to share creative works with the world wide web. Others can navigate the articles and leave comments, gathering group conversations from around the world.

Collaborative visualisation tools enable not only the sharing of data but also the visualisation of
data, allowing comments to be made, providing opportunities for collaborative feedback. (Spiro & Solis, nd)

I could see the use for this application to develop discussions about reading, by developing VoiceThread articles of narratives students have written. It could also be used as an assessment item where students provide a verbal explanation with visualisation for mathematical or scientific concepts. Speech fluency could also be practiced through this medium. It also has application as a reflective tool by demonstrating visually, with comment, on the learning students have achieved after a specific unit of work.

After reading the blogs of my colleagues regarding the application of technology such as VoiceThread, I am reminded that providing opportunities for Indigenous students to use the medium of storytelling can enhance their engagement with the learning. Using a web application such as VoiceThread would offer this opportunity for all learners to tell their stories and practice the age old custom of 'yarning'.

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