Sunday, August 16, 2009

Using Video in the Classroom

Video is a wonderful medium for exploring the unknown. Opportunities exist to introduce information that is impossible for students to explore in a practical sense, for example space travel. It not only shows actual scenes of history, it also has the capacity to demonstrate complex abstract concepts through animation and 3 D images.

Throughout the BLM program video has been used to great effect in a variety of learning areas. What I have experienced in my own learning is the need to keep videos short, and to offer immediate opportunities to discuss the concepts presented.

Video can also provide opportunities for students to practice critical literacy and critical viewing skills. Winch (2004) refers to teaching literacy with technology and he reminds us that "the challenge is to use technology as a liberating, productive and creative resource to support the curriculum." As with all tools at the teacher’s disposal, it is the quality of pedagogy provided that determines the effectiveness of the tool in the classroom.

Winch, G., Johnston, R. R., March, P., Ljungdahl, L., & Holliday, M. (2004). Literacy: reading, writing and children’s literature. (P.268). South Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Oxford University Press.

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