Wednesday, August 19, 2009

File Storage

Mediafire is an easy to use file hosting website that allows you to store files online for easy and secure access. This software allows you to distribute large files to a wide audience without clogging inboxes or slowing down your website.

I found this applicaiton very easy to use, and it provides an effective service to make files available to multiple users simply and securely.

Using a file hosting service such as this could have extensive application within the classroom, making files you want students to have access to easy to locate and view. This could also be used to provide information to parents and others who are interested, and to share ideas with other education professionals. It is suggested that there is a risk of downloading malicious software hidden in files, however this risk is probably no greater than that posed by internet surfing or e-mails. (ZeroPaid, 2008)

Take a look at the file I have downloaded. (2008). Congress: ‘Can P2P and File-Sharing Programs Lead to a Cyber Pearl Harbor?’ [electronic resource]. Retrieved August 20, 2009 from

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