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Friday, August 14, 2009

RSS aggregators

The way I understand it, aggregators are a means of having information come to me rather than me chase it.. Is it as simple as that? Well seemingly it is. With RSS (really simple syndication) feeds I have discovered that I can link to blogs belonging to my uni colleagues that I want to follow. I can also link with other websites that enable RSS feeds and any new information on these sites come straight to me via my Google Reader account. Very simple... This is a fabulously simple way of accessing information of interest.
In working through this course I have used this system to filter the huge volume of postings appearing on forums. By subscribing to the blogs of colleagues I am able to keep track of new postings of a select group of peers whose views I value. I had been trying to read all postings in all forums but I soon realised it was an insurmountable task. In deciding to focus purely on the blogs of a number of key peers and subscribing to their blogs via Google Reader, I am able to more effectively use my time to experiment with the toys ... oops sorry tools available to the e-learner.

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