Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Using music on the Web

Using the program Incompetech, I have selected a relaxing piece of music titled Somewhere Sunny.

I chose this music because in my current placement I am in a classroom with fourteen learners who require special consideration of some sort; learning needs, behavioural issues and physical/emotional disabilities. I would use this music to encourage relaxation and meditation techniques. I would encourage the children to lie quietly in a comfortable position on the carpeted area and ask them to close their eyes and listen to the music and to physically let go of the tension within their muscles.

Betsy King Brunk (1999) suggests music is a very effective intervention in assisting communication with children who have been identified as located within the Autism Spectrum.

Brunk, B.K. (1999). Music Therapy:another Path To Learning And Communication For Children In The Autism Spectrum. Arlington, TX : Future Horizons, 1999.

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