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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An immigrant to a new land..

As a digital immigrant I have to admit that creating my first blog was a testing task. I was nervous about the whole concept and quite fearful of the application but I perservered and after two days work came up with something faintly credible. My ten year old daughter decided after watching my agony, that this 'looked like fun'. After two hours she had created a great blog, an avatar and loaded a heap of fun activities onto her blog. Not only did she do this effortlessly, but she revealed a range of options that I had not discovered. Simple things, like noticing that there were several pages of options within the add a gadget tab, and when creating her avatar found left and right arrows that provided a range of options that I had missed. It was glaringly obvious that my immigrant 'accent' had limited my ability to locate all that was on offer.

This reinforces to me how important it is to not just immerse myself in the new technology so I can become fluent in the language of the 21st century learner, but to be open to learning from the students and watch how they read e-language.

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